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Proliant 7000, NIC cards, how do I test them?

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Anthony Chambers
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 7000, NIC cards, how do I test them?

I have a Cmpq Prlnt 7000. I just threw in 2, same versions, 10/100 nic cards (169849-001) into it for connectivity and I'm not connecting at all. I've installed the drivers from the SmartStart CD, there are no errors or problems in Device Manager. I have them set to a DHCP ip addressing. Doesn't connect. I also have tested the cables, and in fact, tried 5 separate cards total. None to be working. I've installed windows 2000 adv server many times.

By any chance, is it because it's an evaluation version that it doesn't work with this particular server? Or do I have NIC issues? Is there a setting that is out of the norm that I need to change?

All of the leds light up as I connect the rj45 cables into the cards. All of the cards are identified by windows.

Anyone have any ideas?
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 7000, NIC cards, how do I test them?

First off, I would go get the latest versions of the drivers/firmware for your cards/server and see if that fixes anything.

Secondly, what do you mean exactly when you say it doesn't connect? Sounds like you need to check all the settings on both sides.

What are the chances...
Dave Lloyd

Re: Proliant 7000, NIC cards, how do I test them?

Since the cards are reconginsed by windows it's reasonable to assume they're working ok. and since you have 'lights' the connectivity to the switch is ok (at least cable isn't totally broken or a cross-over).
Therefore, you probably have a speed mis-match.
Force the switch to 100/Full and do the same in windows for the NIC's.
Also check the portfast settings on the switch - I think portfast should be DISabled from memory.
Lastly, check if your switch has MAC address security enabled - If it is, you'll need to allow the MAC's of your new NIC's to acces the network

Anthony Chambers
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant 7000, NIC cards, how do I test them?


Turns out a buddy of mine is using a crossover cable, originally used between his router and his switch, he removed the switch and connected the same cable to the server. I want to thank you guys for the quick response and apologize for making you think hard.

I'd also like to add that I've been using this online forum for a few months now and I'm happy that IT administrators watch out and help those is need of information, in such short amount of time.

Thanks! Problem solved.