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Proliant 7000 - doubled the RAM - slowed the mouse!

Dean Malandris
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 7000 - doubled the RAM - slowed the mouse!

I'm running Gentoo 2.6.17-r4 on my Proliant 7000. It's been running fine, and I've just doubled the RAM from 512MB to 1GB. I modified the kernel command line from

memmap=exactmap memmap=640k@0M memmap=511M@1M


memmap=exactmap memmap=640k@0M memmap=1023M@1M

as you should, and fired it up.

Everything works fine except for the mouse when I launch X. Whereas it used to follow along just fine, now it updates across the screen only about 4 times a second, and is so sluggish that it takes about 2 seconds to catch up with me. It's like dragging it through treacle. As far as I can tell, the machine runs at normal speed and even the graphics applications like Firefox run fine, once I've taken 2 minutes of delicate nudging to get the stupid mouse pointer over the application icon.

I've tried cutting the kernel invocation back to

memmap=exactmap memmap=640k@0M memmap=511M@1M

but as long as I leave the full 1GB in there, it's fudge. Pull out the extra RAM to take it back to the original 512MB and it's fine. Seems just the presence of the full 1GB with or without the full memmap=1023M argument is enough to bring this on.

I'm lost as to an explanation of what's going on.