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Proliant 800 4050... battery removal/install

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Proliant 800 4050... battery removal/install

Need information reguarding how to remove and install new batteries on a Compaq Proliant 200MHz non MMX chipset. Not sure if batteries are soldered or pressure fit onto motherboard.

Please help!

Thank you

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Re: Proliant 800 4050... battery removal/install

if u give the model , i can helpu out


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Re: Proliant 800 4050... battery removal/install

Hi Steven,

The Proliant 800 Pentium Pro model has two soldered batteries. One on the processor board and one on the I/O board. When these get low they are replaced by alternative batteries. You must not try to unsolder the old batteries.

Both modules have provision for fitting the replacement batteries and there are jumpers on each module to accommodate this replacement procedure.

The Compaq spare part for the replacement battery is 160274-001 however you will probably have difficulty getting this under the Compaq number. The battery is actually a RAYOVAC model 845 which should be easily available from any decent electronics shop.
Just try an Ebay or Google search for RAYOVAC 845 and you will probably determine all the variants.
RAYOVAC Models 844 and 840 are substitutes I believe but check with the store.

The battery is keyed so that it only fits one way on the boards and has an associated plug on eachj board.

All the jumper locations for the Proliant 800 Pentium Pro model, how to fit the battery and what it looks like are in the attached image.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Proliant 800 4050... battery removal/install

Thank you Brian,

I have opened the case and know where the jumper pins are located now per the instructions on the PDF.

Thank you for the outstanding support/info.