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Proliant 800 Dual processor issue

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Proliant 800 Dual processor issue

I have a proliant 800 currently it only has a single PIII 500/512 processor. I have purchased a matching pair of PIII 500/512 and a matching pair of voltage regulators.

When i install the processors the system detects Processor 1 failure.
Now if i place processor 1 in slot 1 on its own it works perfectly
If i place processor 2 in slot 1 on its own it works perfectly. Thus no problems with the processors.

The VRM (Voltage regulators) work in exactly the same fashion both work on their own.

I cant seem to get the processors to work together no matter how i switch and swop them around.

Is their something that i am not doing?
Or is their a known reason why the above configuration wont work?

Any advice that might help i would be very grateful for as i am getting no where fast.

Thanks in advance.
Tarek Kawach
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Re: Proliant 800 Dual processor issue

Hi Aaron:

If these processors work fine on their own; then it is possible that the Sockett where processor 2 plugs in is bad; and server causing a short to make processor 1 fail.

you can check the rev. level on both processors, make sure that lowest rev is in sockett one.

and possible we have to replace the processor cage.

- another thing you can try to run erase on the server without the hard drives connected; that will invalidate your Nvram;
or can do that from the system config switch ;sw1, switch # 6; or even the F10 SCU bios.

- possible error is stuck in the memory and both processors are okay.

- if you are able to boot with processor one as failed. ;

- can also run server diag on the processors from sp23552.exe

There is nothing else we can do but to replace the hardware.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Re: Proliant 800 Dual processor issue

I would first clear the BIOS. THen verify that you have the lastest and it is not a BIOS problem.
Hot Swap Hard Drives
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Re: Proliant 800 Dual processor issue

Fantastic advise guys, but i am still stuck with the sam error message.