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Proliant 800 (PPro), how to boot 40GB IDE HD?

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Proliant 800 (PPro), how to boot 40GB IDE HD?

Hi there!

I have Proliant 800 with two PPro 200MHz.
I wanted to make network samba/nfs server. Started from installing Ubuntu 10.04 Server on IDE hdd.
Installation ended successfully, but after reboot grub prints error (disk error).
Disk is completely ok.

I belive that it is fault of OLD BIOS (but newest available) - it can not find it. I tried to set it to automatic recognize - it fails. Tried to set it maually, but it shows only 8GB (in SCU).

Tried to install Ubuntu on sda1, 6GB partition, but it still fails.

Linux installation does not have any problems to access whole disk.

What to do?
Is there any hope or should i get SCSI drive?