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Proliant 800 Pentium Pro BSOD from controller upgrade

Diane Armstrong_2
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 800 Pentium Pro BSOD from controller upgrade

System: Proliant 800 Pentium pro 200
OP Sys: SBS 4.5
My Compaq DLT drive failed to operate after a tape broke and wrapped itself around the head. I sent it to get refurbished and when it was returned it still didn't operate even after the head was replaced. (btw.. the DLT did operate ok on another proliant server) The controller driver was then upgraded due to age and when the server was rebooted got the BSOD. The controller firmware was then flashed but this didn't fix it. No ERD was prepared ahead of time and no recent backup. Old registry was recovered from an old SCSI HD which seems not a bad idea because not many changes happened on the server other then NT Service Pack. When server was rebooted all appeared fine except network settings. But upon clicking on a folder on the C: drive we received a black screen. We had no choice but to hard boot. When the server came back it appeared to have corrupted the E: partition on the same drive. I'm not sure whether to suspect the SCSI controller or the old registry. I understand there is bus numbering which gets put into the registry. Could this have caused corruption on the MBR? I'm leaning away from the SCSI controller because other then the DLT drive not operating correctly there have been no other POST errors or HD corruption or other boot issues. Any suggestions to try to get this machine to boot without BSOD. Any ideas on the e: partition failure?
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 800 Pentium Pro BSOD from controller upgrade

Hello Diane,
In the past a situation like this could be corrected by updating system bios and the firmware of Array controller. In your case I assume you have done all that. Is it possible if you could post the STOP error code please.