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Proliant 800 Will not boot.

Chad S. Cicchillo
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Proliant 800 Will not boot.

I have 2 Proliant 800 workstations with the following problem.

On attempting to startup the error shown is
'Processor Installed In Incorrect Slot; System Halted'

No hardware changes were made to either machine. Both machines exibited the failure within 7 days of each other. In four years I have never seen this error on the 76 Proliant 800 systems that I work with.

Moving the processor to either slot fails to remedy it. Placing switch 1 posistion 6 into maintenence mode fails. Connecting extrenal battery to NVRAM fails to correct the problem.
Processor works fine in different machine.

I can find no reference to this error anywhere on the internet.

Both machines are production systems and I need them back up asap. Any help is greatly appreciated.. and oh yeah.. they are no longer under warranty.

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Re: Proliant 800 Will not boot.


You may have failed PPM's on the servers, though the underlying cause of the failures needs to be addressed. Are these systems on clean power? (i.e., a UPS, etc.)
Try replacing the Voltage Regulator (a.k.a Processor Power Module)

Click the above "shortend" link and then select your processor speed.
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