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Proliant 800 - add second processor

Mark Ryan, DDS
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Proliant 800 - add second processor

I am retiring a Compaq workstation AP500 that has a Pentium II 400MHz. The processor is a model 5 ( i.e. 512K Level 2 cache, SECC-2) The processor in the Proliant 800 is a Pentium II 400 MHz model 7 (still 512 K Level 2 cache, SECC-2). Will the CPU from the AP500 (part number 327648-001) work with the CPU in the Proliant 800 (part number 313624-001)? The workload is light. Thank you.
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Re: Proliant 800 - add second processor

Dr. Ryan:

This just might work. So long as the processor heatsink will fit in the cage.

You will also need to remove and install the Processor Power Module (aka, Voltage Regulator Module) with the additional processor from the AP500.
Thankfully the PPM's are the same for each system.

With these processors being a different stepping level, the system will either not boot or will complain about the processor steps being different. Make sure the bios is up to date prior to installing the additonal processor:

G'luck! -john
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Hugo Teerds

Re: Proliant 800 - add second processor

Also, please make sure the processor with the lower stepping number is in slot 1.
If the configuration does not work in the first try, please swap the processors. The differing stepping levels of the processors could be the reason. The one with the higher stepping level will sort of 'step down' to the level of the processor in slot 1. But only if it is in slot 2 and is the second processor.
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