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Proliant 800 doesn't recognize cdrom drive

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Proliant 800 doesn't recognize cdrom drive

I have a Proliant 800 that doesn't recognize the cdrom drive anymore. There is also a DVD drive present, both drives worked fine before. In Win2000 configuration panel shows both drives and both work (open/close, light on). But it seems the Proliant only reads the DVD drive's content, somehow the cdrom can't be found. Cannot use the Smartstart CD either because it won't boot from CD... Is there another way I can access BIOS or other system configuration, so I can figure out why it won't see the drive? Thanks, Claudia.
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Re: Proliant 800 doesn't recognize cdrom drive

Hi satsanga,

Could you update the OS-Service pack and CD-ROM drive FIRMWARE,will be solved your issues.

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