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Proliant 800 sys fan

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Proliant 800 sys fan


A friend has a PL800 500MHz and he complains about the fan. It's quite loud and fast(?).

My question:
Does PL800 (500MHz) have Multi-Speed (temperature dependant)sysfan or Single-Speed?
If it has MultiSpeed sysfan, the problem speed could also be in temp. sensor on board, right?

If anyone knows the S/P number for fan, I'd be very grateful.

Hugo Teerds

Re: Proliant 800 sys fan

I asked in basis the same question in thread
but did not get any answers until now.

The serial number for the fans are:
327308-001 for the I/O fan assembly, and
326873-001 for the processor fan with assembly.

you can find much more info in the Proiliant 800 servers Maintainance and service guide. Do a search for part number 320984-001 or 320981-001 on the HP site to find it.

I put sound absorbing foam material inside the housing on all bare metal surfaces and on the removable panels. Then I put rubber rings between the fans and the mountingbrackets in the housing to reduce contact noise. It reduced the noise remarkably, although it still is not a quiet system.
You can always improve!