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Proliant 800 voltage regulator

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Eddie Ring
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 800 voltage regulator

I attempted to install a second, matching processor in my server and I get an error "215-nonfunctioning voltage regulator module for second processor". The processors work individually when installed in the first slot. I've swapped processor locations and continue to receive the error regardless of which processor is in the second slot. Is this some proprietary issue with Compaq? Can someone provide a solution? Thanks.
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 800 voltage regulator


What is the processor speed ( both are same). What is PPM Part no which is installed on the server and If the Processor part no you have. Does this error message generate any error code in IML also.

Since it seems to be issu with the PPM. confirm the part no.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Eddie Ring
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 800 voltage regulator

Thanks but just call me a Compaq newbie....Could you clarify what PPM and IML are? Both processors are Intel PII-450. I ran the Compaq config program and it doesn't see the second processor.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 800 voltage regulator

Hello Eddie,
This is what you need: I have given you the correct CPU part nos as well as the Processor power module part nos. If you have something otherwise you are bound to have issues:

Item # Description Spare Part#
8 Processor with Heat Sink 350/100 313623-001
Processor with Heat Sink 400/100 313624-001
Processor with Heat Sink 450/100 179780-001
Processor with Heat Sink 500/100 114525-001
Processor with Heat Sink 550/100 144573-001
Processor with Heat Sink 600/100 168642-001
11 Processor Power Module (350E,400,450) 327660-001
Processor Power Module (500, 550, 600) 329267-001
12 Processor Retention Bracket 333575-001

Daniel Heng
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 800 voltage regulator

Hi Everyone, I have a similar problem like Eddie.

I've just received a hand-me-down server
that's been striped bare. Just the chassis, PSU and mainboards.

I figured that this server would be great for learning some Linux/Win2k3 installs so
I was hoping to revive it.
I've managed to locate a pair of processors,
some memory but it seems that I'm still lacking the correct PPM/VRM modules.

I've looked around and cross reference several websites to try to locate the correct PPM/VRM part number

and found the below PPM that I think will work but upon insertion, the machine powers up but no post. The LED on the mainboard lights up but no post.

Is this the correct PPM module I should be using?

spare 329257-001

Where I can reference the correct part number so that I can place an order for it?

Many Thanks