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Proliant 800 - what is this connector?

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Jeff Veit
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Proliant 800 - what is this connector?

I've got an antique Proliant 800 Pentium III 600. The online manuals don't seem to show the same chassis: for instance, this server has a 5 slot RAID bay rather than 4; the connectors on the back are in a line, rather than grouped together; there's no processor cage - instead, the system board is fixed to the chassis; and the system I/O is not in a cage either - instead, expansion boards simply slot into a riser from the system board.

On the I/O board is a connector that looks like an IDE connector. It would be very useful to me if were an IDE connector, but it's an odd place to put one. Have a look at the photo. Am I right thinking it's an IDE? Or is it perhaps an I2O connector which were on some Proliants, apparently. Does anyone here know?
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Re: Proliant 800 - what is this connector?

Hi, Jeff

It is a I2O Connector

Compare this with the attached image:

1 PCI/ISA Primary
2 PCI/ISA Primary
3 PCI/ISA Secondary
4 PCI/ISA Secondary
5 PCI Secondary
6 PCI Secondary
7 I 2 O Connector

Jeff Veit
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 800 - what is this connector?

Thanks very much. In that case I won't plug an IDE drive in there to see what happens.