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Proliant 800 with non functioning SmartArray221

Chris Ward_4
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 800 with non functioning SmartArray221

I was attempting to upgrade the Rompaq on my proliant and it failed in the middle. Ever since then, the system at bootup does not recognize the SmartArray controller. I have since then successfully installed the rompaq, rolled back to the previous version and it still does not work. I took a SmartArray221 from another machine and installed that and it work fine. So I took the original SmartArray and put it in a different Proliant800 and it would not work there.

So is the card dead? Is there any way it can be reinitialized or something?

Thanks for any help.

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant 800 with non functioning SmartArray221

hi chris

1) the bios and the smart firmware are two different things

2) if a smart controller fails during a system (bios) rompaq upgrade that would be pure accidence

3) if you flashed the smart firmware and something went wrong - you do have a serious problem

4) only 5th generation and higher smart controllers (look at the first digit of your controllers name)have a backup rom (recovery rom)

5) the scenario you gave me leaves only one answer - replace controller


if you are running win nt 4.0 you may also use a 3200 as a replacement controller (ebay has good offers) - just replace - otherwise read next senteces (also valid for nt 4


is you run win 2000 use another 221 and add any other smart controller.
apply proliant sopprt pack if driver is not found (available from hp download site).
remove 221 and set other smart controller as boot controller (f10 after post - hw configuration)

the good message: SMART controllers are REALLY back/forward compatible as lons as you keep you firmware, drivers and config sw (acu) up to date


best regards