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Proliant 800 won't boot

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Proliant 800 won't boot

I got a Proliant 800 server from a company getting rid of old computers. It has two processors PPro200 but had no RAM. I got some replacement RAM and inserted it. But I couldn't get the machine to boot. no video just the drive lights come on and fan spins. I tired to find some manuals on the web and after doing some looking it appears I need some power modules for the processors. There is one in there for the first processor with a part number of 225529-001. I removed the second processor to try to get it to boot but no luck. Can anyone give me some advice. What dot the power modules do ?
Mark Cloutier
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Re: Proliant 800 won't boot

The PPM's are to make sure if there is a power surge the PPM will blow before it damages the CPU.
Please make sure you are running proper Compaq memory. (60ns-EDO) IF you are using 3rd party memory then this might be why you have no POST. Also, reseat everything. Drop the system down to almost nothing. No hard drives, PCI cards, etc.
Just to see if it will POST.

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