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Proliant 8000 CPU upgrade

Uwe Strathoff
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 8000 CPU upgrade


We got 16 CPUs from our Proliant ML570s which are taken out of service.
All CPUs are 700/100/1024 5/12 with 49Q stepping

Our two Proliant 8000 are equipped with 16 Xeons 500/100/512 CPUs
Recent Firmware

We where trying to use the 700 Mhz CPUs from the ML570s but without success.

No Error nor Red LED is shown
System starts powering up but no further indication in Console Panel.
Panel only shows Firmware version and sysinit does not start.

Is this a CPU version conflict ?

If which Xeon Version do we need, and is also
Xeon 900/100/2048 operational ?


Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 8000 CPU upgrade

Hello Uwe,

Things to keep in mind before a processor upgrade:

1.Processors should be identical
2.System ROM should be the latest

Additional information,
Pg 15-19

PL8000 does'nt support PII Xeon's.

Note: Pentium III Xeon 550 MHz, 700 MHz, and 900 MHz processors cannot be mixed in the same server. They all have to be of the same speed.

Uwe Strathoff
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant 8000 CPU upgrade

Hallo Sandeep,

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the problem seems to be much more komplex.

Actions so far:

Check BIOS Version P41 (latest available)
Checking Core/Ratio switches to all of position
CPU check:
All CPUs are same version

Installing single 500/100/512 CPU with all other slots terminated and VRMs removed.
Works fine Servers starts up.

Installing single 700/100/1024 CPU does not work, no error no red LED, server does simple no init (LCD Panel shows only version)

Installing pair 500/100/512 (Slot 1,2) and
pair 700/100/1024 (Slot3,4)no change.

Installing 700/100/1024 CPUs in Proliant ML570 works fine.

Any idea from somebody ?