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Proliant 8500 and PCI Hot Plug Error and USB 2.0

Occasional Advisor

Proliant 8500 and PCI Hot Plug Error and USB 2.0

I have a Proliant 8500.
I updated the BIOS to 5/5/2003.
I updated the ROMpaq as well.

I installed a Lava USB 2.0 host adapter. I read on this site that Lava PCI cards were suggested for Proliant servers.

I rebooted and ran the System configuration application with the F10 key. The machine detected the card and I saved the configuration.

The reboot of the machine did not detect the card. The hardware wizard did not detect either. CIM Expansion board module does not reflect a PCI card for slot 3.

I replaced the PCI card with a RATOC Systems USB 2.0 card that can support both 3V and 5V.
When I boot to the OS, the card is detected and I load the appropriate drivers. However, I receive this message in Event Viwer:

"hp Proliant PCI Hot Plug driver is encountering problems and can not add the newly inserted adapter."

Device manager shows no errors and it sees a successful installation of Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

I attach a Maxtor 120 GB external USB drive and the OS sees the drive as 111GB FAT32 formatted drive.

When I try to reboot with the device attached I get a IRQL BSOD. When I remove the device and reboot it works fine.

I believe the problem is either with the card or the PCI Hot Plug error message.

What is the suggested course to resolve this PCI error message?
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Proliant 8500 and PCI Hot Plug Error and USB 2.0


The specs for server pci slots is as follow,
Eleven hot pluggable 64-bit PCI slots comprising of nine 33MHz and two 66MHz slots on 3 PCI busses.

Where as only few USB devices are supported on proliant that are cdrom / keyboard/mouse. That although on those cases when server is coming with usb and updated with latest firmwre.

What i can suggest, try to match the slot configuration then try. Where no certified card from HP to do same job.
Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
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Re: Proliant 8500 and PCI Hot Plug Error and USB 2.0

I changed the card to the Belkin PCI USB 2.0/ Firewire card. The OS detected the card and installed the drivers. The card works in both the 33 Mhz and 66 Mhz slots.

No BSOD. The device driver is stable.