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Proliant BIOS

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Proliant BIOS

Is there a way to configure a delay in the startup of the server after a power outage?

I'd like to stagger the startup of several servers so that they don't spike and draw too much power by coming on all at once.

I would expect this to be something in the bios, but I'm not seeing it. Like "delay startup 40 seconds after power is restored".
(and you could choose the number of seconds)

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Re: Proliant BIOS


Automatic power ON needs to be enable, it can be on the ilo or BIOS.

in ilo2

-> Power Management
--> Server Power
---> Power Configuration Settings
*Automatically Power on Server
* and Power on Delay where you can set the time

also that is available on BIOS (RBSU) in case you don't have ilo in some servers

-> Server Availability
--> Automatic Power-On should be ON
--> Power-On Delay (to set seconds. 15 - 30- 45 - 60, random)

"The Power-On Delay feature delays the server from powering on for a specified time to prevent power usage spikes when multiple servers power up after a power loss. Wake-on LAN, RTC wake-up, and iLO 2 Virtual Power Button events override the delay and immediately power on the server."

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