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Proliant BL Win 2003 doen't boot when DHCP initializes

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Proliant BL Win 2003 doen't boot when DHCP initializes

We are currently facing a Win 2003 installation problem on a Proliant Blade BL20P .

Please find below the steps that have been done and the problem details ( In red) :

1: Installation of Windows 2003 Server on Pentium 4 PC with 1GB memory.
2: Creation of Active Directory with DNS configured automatically.
3: Installation of framework.
4: Configuration of DHCP Server.
Create new scope of IP Addresses.
5: Installation of Java 1.3 for Remote console.
6: Installation of RDP 1.6.
I have selected the option (Include PXE) and installed Windows 98 DOS files when installing the RDP.
I have also selected BL20p Windows 2000 Server. And from that extracted the
i386 folder.
7: I powered on the blade server and it boots through PXE. This stage of booting passes successfully.
But at some time when initializing DHCP, the booting fails.
The DHCP server is working fine since it automatically gives an IP to the ILO port of the Blade Server.
I really don't know where we have missed something.

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Martin Aberg_1
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Re: Proliant BL Win 2003 doen't boot when DHCP initializes

Having sort of the same problem with ML350 and ML370 servers when PXE booting. NIC driver load properly but fails when req DHCP adress. Adapters are NC7761 and NC7781
DL380 with NC7782 adapter works fine.
All models are G4