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Proliant DL-360 G6 BMC Issues

Skip Parker
Occasional Visitor

Proliant DL-360 G6 BMC Issues

I'm having a number of issues with the management controller on this box.

1. Unable to connect to the controller via IPMI over the lan. I've dumped the packets using ipmitool and the BMC fails to respond to even the first command "Get Authentication Capabilities". According to the manual: "When emulating a BMC for the IPMI interface, iLO 2 supports all mandatory commands listed in the IPMI version 2.0 specification." I've looked through every bios setting and web interface setting and cannot find anything to enable IPMI.

2. I cannot connect to the BMC serially. I know it works because I have done it twice before but now I can get nothing but console redirection on the serial port. How do I get to the BMC's cli via the serial port?

3. On the same note, how do I get to the IPMI interface via the serial port?