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Proliant DL 360 G6 system fan

Occasional Advisor

Proliant DL 360 G6 system fan

I’m having a problem with all of my DL360 G6 servers.  They were all build to have full redundancy.  I lost one system board fan which shutdown down the entire system recently.  I have 1 CPU with 3 out of 4 board fans occupied.  After replacing the defective fan, I called support to find out why the system shutdown.  They recommended a firmware update which made no difference.


After several more support calls they told me that the HP system manger and the HP documentation are both incorrect and you need 4 fans to be redundant.   However there is no part number for ordering an additional fan without a new CPU which I don’t need.  So now I’m in the position of having 8 or 9 of these server in the field with no redundancy for the failure of a single chase fan. 


Something just does not sound right here does anyone have any experience with this situation or have any suggestions?


Personally I think there is a firmware bug that incorrectly shuts down the system with a single fan failure but who knows?