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Proliant DL 380 G3 PCI power outage

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Robert Gamboa
Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL 380 G3 PCI power outage

I went to install a new USB PCI card which has three available slots, 1 (133mhz), 2,3 are (100mhz) slots, and when i started up server the bios warning saying power failure on slots 2,3 which nothings plugged into. I have removed the USB card and whith all slots empty still saying power falure on slot, 2-3. The two lights on back of server are also red now which are marked 2-3. I dont see any power plug in's on PCI expansion board other then the PCI expansion board slot that plugs onto the motherboard.
Any suggestions?
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant DL 380 G3 PCI power outage

Hi Robert,

Did you check that the USB card was a 3.3V model? The DL380 G3 does not support any 5V cards in any of the PCI slots.

You may have damaged a component on the riser backplane if it is - although most modern cards are 3.3V anyway and you've possibly been unlucky.

You can get a new riser on Ebay reasonably cheaply however if you're not covered by warranty - HP Spare Part number is 289561-001.

I hope this helps.

Robert Gamboa
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant DL 380 G3 PCI power outage

Thanks, for your quick response and suggestions. I did order a new riser card and definetly won't try to use that USB pci card again. I will keep you posted on more results.