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Proliant DL 380 not displaying video/ not booting fully

Greg Dron
Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL 380 not displaying video/ not booting fully

We have a Proliant DL380 that does not boot properly , we changed the raid setup from Raid 1+0 into a mirror of the first 2 harddrives and the other 4 drives are setup as a raid 5. Everything was working fine for a day , we were able to install windows server 2003 r2 32bit , the system was working fine. But the next day when we turned it on the server turns on but we get no video. There are no amber lights on the board or any other location in the server, all green). Also on the front of the server were the drives have a lights , we see that there is a green arrow poitning to the hard drive - it does this on the first raid config(mirroring) then once that finishes it does the same thing to the raid 5 setup with the 4 drives , and back to the mirror. It has been doing this for over 24 hours now. We have reseated all the hardware just to make sure but it still just sits there.

One last thing to point out , I know for a fact the windows system is not booting , because I can tap the power button and the server will turn off without having to have to hold the power button to force power down. We don't see the bios even , or get into the raid configuration as we dont get any prompts on the screen at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Jimmy Suo
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant DL 380 not displaying video/ not booting fully

If you aren't getting a POST screen, than your server motherboard/video might have died. You should at a minimum see the POST.