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Proliant DL 380e G8 RAID 1+0

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Re: Proliant DL 380e G8 RAID 1+0

Tortsen where are you reading the high counters from the images? Yes thank you on the firmware version I am downloading the newest today. The drive was bought via Amazon and may be bad in itself. I am awiting the drive bought from HP which was mt prefered option.

Can you answer me this? On the first image, the first box controller on system board states a b120i and second window controller on slot 2 states smart array p420 controller. How do you differineta apart?

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Re: Proliant DL 380e G8 RAID 1+0

The physical connections are under the P420, there is nothing below the B120i.

Predictive failure means high error counters. The disk is still working, but already has errors, re-tries or failed spots.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Proliant DL 380e G8 RAID 1+0

At the moment the Raid is rebuilding.

(Reconstruct Data on the new Drive)

Look at: Logical Drive 01 > Rebuilding

Do not Firmware Update or change Hardware until it is completed or Failed.

This needs some Time (Hours or Day).

If the "New Drive" is the one in Bay 2 you have give your Bucks for a defective and old Drive.

That was not planned in this way.
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Re: Proliant DL 380e G8 RAID 1+0

Yes thank you Cali. sending it back and waiting for the one from HP company, thanks.