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Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

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Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

Hello everyone,
I am trying to find a video driver for a Proliant DL120 G6 with Windows server 2008 R2 on. Contacted HP support 3 times regarding this problem and I got severals sugestions like downloading the easy cd from and when that failed I was told that the driver will install automatically once I run the updates. Tried that aswell, but no succes. Then I call again and I am beeing told, that there are no drivers for this server in combination with this operating system.
I am having a hard time beliving that, to be honest. :)
At this point the graphics adapter has a standard Microsoft driver: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.
If anyone knows anything about this issue please let me know. Thank you.
Keith Bryson
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

There's some truth in their response. There are Windows 2008 r2 drivers for this server, but there isn't a video/graphics driver (even for Win2003). Looking at the quickspec sheet they don't even give any detailed information about the graphics card on this server. I guess this isn't an important factor for most companies buying this kind of equipment.

Hope that helps - but it probably doesn't!

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Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

Also for other OS'ses there are no graphics drivers mentioned.
This should suggest the graphics driver is coverd by standard drivers included on the Microsoft OS-installation disks.

Maybe you need this chipset identifier, after which also the graphics card may be correcly identified.
Nicholas Price
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

Go to the Intel website and find the chipset drivers for the system board. Download and install the supplied Matrox video driver and this should resolve the issue.
Good Luck
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

i have a Proliant DL120 G6 and windows 2008 R2 server and got 1280x1024 with this driver

(found it by using google search for Matrox G200e windows 2008 which gave this link with the suggestion i followed)
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

Searched for this string

"Matrox Video Driver for HP ProLiant 100-series Servers"

Found this one and it appears to work fine:




Full text string:



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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

i've the problem on the HP server Proliant DL120 G6 where the application that i need has bad font and ununderstood writing ,and looking around forums , ifound out that it's a graphic card driver problem,so i installed the driver that you pointed at but no result, any ideas??
Brian Alley_3
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Re: Proliant DL120 G6 vieo driver

I had to install this driver from intel to get greater than 1024x786 resolution.


The larger resolution wasn't available in the main options window.  I had to click on Advanced Settings-->List All Modes-->  and I could then pick the better (larger) resolution.


Hope this helps someone down the road!