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Proliant DL140 Questions

Sean Snell
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Proliant DL140 Questions

Hi all,

First question: How can you distinguish the generation of said server? (G1, G2, etc)

Second Question: It seems I have 2 IDE 80Gb Western Digital HDDs in my server. Are they setup like RAID where they are both storing the same data for redundancy or is Win2k3 going to show 2 80Gbs once setup completes?


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Re: Proliant DL140 Questions

Generally the G1 servers are Beige in colour, whereas the newer generation servers are dark gray charcoal type colour. Normally, the servers also have G1, G2... stamped on them.

The server can be used with RAID or non-RAID configuration. Again, generally the hard drives would be connected to an on board / embedded SATA RAID controller. To setup RAID, you would need to enable RAID support in BIOS, as well as configure the SATA RAID controller during POST.

So, whether Windows 2003 Server shows 1 drive or 2, depends on whether you have configured RAID or not.

Another one of our ITRC members have created a nice how-to in the process of getting their server setup for RAID.