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Proliant DL160 G5 not posting

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Proliant DL160 G5 not posting

Hi there.

Well im new here so sorry if i post this in the wrong section.

I bought me a DL160 G5 Mainboard, Ram and CPU.

Rams are 2x 2GB FBDIMM DDR2 from HP. One in XMM1 and one in XMM3. Like the manuel says. And the CPUs are 2x Xeon E5345. These are in the HP CPU Support list.


I havent the original Case but found one that fits perfectly. But everytime i switch power on the fans spin at max power, power led (on mainboard) is green but the "BMC Hearth Beat" is blinking green (on mainboard too) and nothing is happening. No post. Did i forget something?

I Hope you can help me.


Re: Proliant DL160 G5 not posting


Please try clearing the NVRAM Cache / CMOS settings from the server. Then try Posting teh server.

We suggest to use similar type of DIMM's for best performance.

 To clear NVRAM, the option is the "System Configuration Switch" on the system board. Once you find this (Use top panel from the server), you must power the server on with Switch #6 in the opposite position. Ater about 10 seconds, turn the server off and put the switch back, and that's it.

Page: 89


If you still find issues, please lot a Case with HPE support further to check on the same.


I am an HPE Employee

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