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Proliant DL160 LSI Configuration Gone!


Proliant DL160 LSI Configuration Gone!


I bought two DL160 servers the other week. I usually buy 300-servers, but I was feeling stingy this time and I regret it ...

We have standardized on Debian so I started to install Lenny on one og the servers. I configured a raid1 with the two SAS disks, with the configuration utility (F8 when booting).

But the operating system did not find any disks. So I rebooted the server to check my config but now there is no message from LSI. No "press F8 ..", nothing that have with that system to do at all.

Is there a way to get it back or is something broken. On the other server the message is there but I hardly dare try the same procedure on that one ...

Re: Proliant DL160 LSI Configuration Gone!

Reply to myself. It just magically come back. All I did was open the cover and looked into the box. I booted to see if the LSI card would flash and it did, and worked!

The OS is now installed without problems. But I don't feel confident with the server...