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Proliant DL320 and Promise Fasttrak TX2000

Jami Keillor
Occasional Visitor

Proliant DL320 and Promise Fasttrak TX2000

I have installed this card in my system and no where during boot does the bios for this card come up. I have created an array on another computer yet when I boot from cd, it does not fing any arrays.

How do I make the DL320 recognise that the controller is there and boot off it?
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Re: Proliant DL320 and Promise Fasttrak TX2000


Promise Fasttrak TX2000 is ATA RAID Controller. i don`t know it is supported on this server or not. But there are supported raid controllers.

If you check in hp site, the raid controllers are :-

Compaq RAID LC2 Controller3
Smart Array 221 Controller
Smart Array 3200 Controller
Smart Array 431 Controller3
Smart Array 532 Controller3
Smart Array 5302/32 Controller
Smart Array 5302/64 Controller
Smart Array 5304/128 Controller

Jami Keillor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant DL320 and Promise Fasttrak TX2000

Ahh sorry.. I should have stated what the controller was for.

I need an ATA raid controller that is supported in FreeBSD. I am running a piece of software called Statscout which is built on FreeBSD. Unfortunately the onboard ATA raid is not supported in this.

Thanks for your reply.