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Proliant DL320e G8 loud fans

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Proliant DL320e G8 loud fans



Hi i have a question regarding the fans of the proliant DL320e G8. These fans are really loud. They are constantly at 42% and the server is IDLE. The room temperature is 19 degrees. Why are these fans at constantly 42% and not throttling back to 10% when IDLE?


Any suggestions? Thank you.




Re: Proliant DL320e G8 load fans



If either of the HP Smart Array Controllers P222, P420, P421 is installed, then ensure that the firmware is at 3.54 or later.


Ensure that the server’s BIOS and iLO is updated. In the server’s rbsu, you may modify settings for HP Power Profile and HP Power Regulator menus. Furthermore settings under Advanced Power Management Options such as Energy/Performance Bias, Dynamic Power Savings Mode Response, Dynamic Power Capping Functionality may also be looked into for further tweaking


If any PCIe card is installed, then remove them and check if the issue is resolved.







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Re: Proliant DL320e G8 load fans



Have you installed any Non-HP pci cards, if YES, then some servers may be loud at all times.


You may also update BIOS and iLO firmware which may fix the issue.

If you see "Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP Integrated Lights-Out 4" revision history, there are some fixes for fan noise.


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Re: Proliant DL320e G8 load fans

I did some testing today and haven't found a solution yet. The fans are running at 45 - 50 % of there capacity. 


I've checked some things. The Bios verion is from 2013-09-01. The ilo version is 1.30. Also there are no PCI-E cards installed. The verion of the intregrated B120i hardware controller is 3.54


I don't know if the is important but i have non HP hdd installed. I tried the ACHI mode no luck then i tried the intregrated hardware controller. One thing that i noticed when configuring the array via Inteligent Provisioning --> Smart Storage Administrator that the fans did throttled back to decent sound level but rebooted and they go back up to 45 - 50 %.


I think i want to run in ACHI mode because i'm using a distro called ClearOS 6.4. It's RHEL derivative. I'm not sure if the controller is supported although i can install everything on the array and everything is running nicely. I've not used hardware RAID before.


Edit: Also ILO is not giving any storage information when using the array