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Proliant DL360 G3 - Startup Problems

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Proliant DL360 G3 - Startup Problems

I recently got a secondhand HP Proliant DL360 3rd Generation Rack server.
When i plug the powercord into the PSU (Currently, i own only 1), the appertunant fans start spinning, and everything seems fine.
When i press the powerbutton the fans spins up, and everything else seems to power on.
Mostly, it doesn't reach the POST part, it simply just laying there... With the fans spinning.
Whem i am really lucky, it reaches POST and everything works the way they should, except that the screen is bit by bit (More like Pixel by Pixel) getting conquered by blue and green rectangles. (I have attached an image.) And in the end i can't use it anyway.

I have tried stripping down the hardware to absolute minimum, but after realising it did not help, i have assembled it all again.
The Setup consists of the following hardware.

 - The standard CPU (3.06GHz Dualcore, i think?)
 - Another CPU which is identical to the first one.

 - 2x1gb Samsung PC2100R ECC RAM (with HP Sparepart sticker)
 - 2x1gb Infineon PC2100R ECC RAM (with HP Sparepart sticker)

 - 2x 72.8gb 10K SCSI disks. (Hp Sparepart aswell)
 - The following PSU

In advance, I do really appreciate your help. Thank you.
Best regards
Casper Bladt