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Proliant DL360 system partition utilities problem

Sean Eastwood
Occasional Advisor

Proliant DL360 system partition utilities problem

I'm trying to install NT4 Terminal server to a Compaq DL360 and as I wanted a partition larger than 4GB I have put the drive into another DL360 with Terminal server and formatted the 18GB drive with two 7.7GB NTFS drives. Putting the newly formatted drive back into my original DL360 I can install Terminal server to one of the partitions successfully but now can't access the system partition utilities. Is there a way of manually installing these so I can access the BIOS by pressing F10? Presumably I can't access them because they're on the other drive in the other DL360. Can anyone tell me if I can install the system partition utilities manually or if I am going about the whole process incorrectly?
Regular Advisor

Re: Proliant DL360 system partition utilities problem

do over..
take your 18 gig drive and start from the begining creating the f10 partition.
then take that drive and insert it back to the other server and create your other partition.."this one is tricky"

or get a third party software so you can move the partition slightly towards the end creating about 36mb space in the begning of the drive.. no need to format or create just an empty space is all we need. then boot to the smart start CD and select update compaq partition "cant seem to remember the exact wording". in the process it will ask you to create one say yes. and that it.