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Proliant DL360e Gen8 - P822 RAID5 mistake

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Proliant DL360e Gen8 - P822 RAID5 mistake


I have an Proliant DL360e Gen8, with an HPE Smart Array P822 controller. I'm using it with this configuration:
Bay 1 and 2: Sandisk SSD 250 GB
This 2 disk is the first logical volume with RAID1.
Bay 3-4-5: Sandisk SSD Plus 1TB (sdssda-1t00-g26)
This 3 disk is the second logical volume with RAID5.
Bay 6-7-8: HP SAS 300GB
This 3 disk is the third logical volume with RAID5.

I've had a disk fault on bay 5, and I didn't have replace disk, so I ordered one with the full same version. I've replaced the disk but the rebuild doesn't started. The new SSD is recognized by the computer, iLO shows the valid serial number, but it says the Disk status: Failed. I've downloaded the officical sandisk software to maintain the see the new disk condition, but it says it 100% health. On the new disk i've run a full clean so it doesn't have partition or partition table.

There is only one difference beetween the old disks and new one. The firmware version on it, which i can't downgrade on the new one, and can't update on the old disks without data loss.

I've tried to disconnect and reconnect disk, nothing. I've tried to stop the whole computer, unplug each power cord for 10 minutes, then back. nothing. The light on hot-plug is an orange disk icon, so it says disk fault too.

If someone else is faced a problem like this please share the experience or solution with me, because in this volume I'm running a several VM and if I had to rebuild the logical volume, i will have a huge dropout.

Screenshots of iLo 


Re: Proliant DL360e Gen8 - P822 RAID5 mistake


Please share the below information to isolate the issue.

1. Hard disk part no faulty and New.

2. Open the ILO home page--->System information-----> Storage-----Share the snapshots.

3.. Share the IML error form the ILO.

4. Possible share the ADU reports.

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Re: Proliant DL360e Gen8 - P822 RAID5 mistake

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, my problem is solved, becouse one more disk failed last night. So I removed the whole logical volume and replaced the last 2 old ssd to new and setted up the new logical volume on these. Hope this error never shows up again.