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Proliant DL360p G8 -- fan speeds

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Proliant DL360p G8 -- fan speeds


Today I've recieved HP Proliant DL360p G8. My question is; what are the normal speeds of fans? They are running at 40% all the time, could they run at lower speeds? I have set fan speed in BIOS to 'Optimal Cooling'. Checked iLo, no errors, temperatures are fine, under 50C all the time. Server is currently running in the basement, where temperatures are constantly 18C or lover.

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Re: Proliant DL360p G8 -- fan speeds


Fan speed may vary depending upon on the number of devices you have installed and kind of workload you have.

I have verified in two same model servers and have following observation:

1xCPU+1xPSU+4x 4GB ram+2x300GB drive+P420i +331 FLR+Updated firmware, windows OS with no load currently.

Fan speed less then 10% ,

where as

1xCPU+1xPSU+6x 16GB ram+8x300GB drive+P420i +331 FLR +dual Port Fiber HBA+few VM's running on it+with Updated firmware,

Fans are running around 40%,


Still you can check following if you want (Considering ambient temperaure is good )

NOTE: For optimum cooling, install fans in all primary fan locations, slot 3 through 6 for a single processor and all slots for two processors.

1. Update firmwares

2. Try to remove the PCI adapter and check if you are able to isolate,(Remove HBA adapter if any.. ..)

3. Remove any non-HPE PCI adapters/devices and check. as system can not mange 3rd party device information/firmware/ that might be causing issues)

4. Clear NVRAM and check the status,

Hope this helps!



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Re: Proliant DL360p G8 -- fan speeds

Ah thanks, it's probably due to my configuration.
2x E5-2620
24x 8GB 1333MHz ECC RDIMMs

Thanks again!