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Proliant DL370G6 and Server 2012

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Proliant DL370G6 and Server 2012

Why isn't Server 2012 available for the Proliant DL370G6 server when it is available for even the HP Microserver?  A number of these were purchased with the understanding that Server 2012 would be released.


Re: Proliant DL370G6 and Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 was originally not at all qualified for HP ProLiant G6 servers; due to increased demand from HP Customers we added the following products: DL360, DL380, Bl460c & ML350. See as well this document: 


Due to the low demand on DL370G6 it was not added to this list.

I hope this helps.  Jeroen


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Re: Proliant DL370G6 and Server 2012

Jeroen, thanks for tackling this question.  The decision has disappointed customers but thanks for providing with clarity the reason.   Your response does show HP's responsiveness and flexibility based on considerable customer demand. 



Caleb Scharf
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Re: Proliant DL370G6 and Server 2012

I'm disappointed to hear this. We bought some D370G6 Servers mid last year and then come to find out they don't have 2012 support. Very disappointing.