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Proliant DL380 G3 Systemboard LEDs

John Rowan_2
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Proliant DL380 G3 Systemboard LEDs

I purchased 17 servers (11 DL380s, 6 DL360s) two years ago.  I went to use one of the DL380s this weekend trying to install Linux over a gigabit network. I've done this many times before, boot from a CD, type in the address of the server and the install runs.  This DL380 (dual 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, 6 x 147GB scsi) will not obtain a DHCP address using either of the onboard Ethernets.  I tried using static address but that failed to connect to the server on the LAN for the install image.  I can't ping the DL380's static address either.  I disabled both onboard Ethernets and installed a Netgear gigabit PCI card.  That too failed to obtian a DHCP address but assigning it a static address gets one step further in that it finds the remote server but then will not download the install images.  Can't ping it either.    I noticed that there are three yellow LEDs that are lit on the systemboard, CR59, CR66 and CR67.  I have been unable to find information on what these LEDs indicate.  I have erased non-volitle RAM and started configuring from scratch but they stay on.  I've disabled the onboard Ethernets in the BIOS, no change in the LEDs. 

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Re: Proliant DL380 G3 Systemboard LEDs

Hi John,

those three LED rows serve debugging purposes and are showing POST and boot progress codes. They don't indicate in any way an issue with the server.

I however wasn't able to undertsand your situation as good as I wish - so you're performing a PXE boot, or how exactly do you attemp to install the OS? Kickstart? Some other sort of automated server deployment piece of software?

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