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Proliant DL380 Gen. 8 - Noisy Fans


Proliant DL380 Gen. 8 - Noisy Fans


I have a problem with the noise of the fans. Fan 1,2 and 3 has 11% Speed. Fan 4 has 34% and Fan 5,6 has 43% Speed.

The HDD are all HP branded. Dimms could not be authenticated as HP Smart Memory, but the status in ILO is ok and green.

What can I do, to become Fan 4-6 a little bit slower?

ILO Firmware is 2.7.0

Power Management Controller Firmware is 3.3

System Rom P70 12/20/2015




Re: Proliant DL380 Gen. 8 - Noisy Fans


doe sthe fas speed vary or is it contranty high?

As per the System ROM. this is very old and needs to be updated as the Fan speeds are controlled by ILO and BIOS of the server. Also check if the fimrware of the any PCI cards / storage controllers are updated to the latest. If not, update them to the latest available and verify the fan noise. 

DIMM authentication issues can be caused due to the different reasons like, incorrect population, using of old generation DIMMs and also due to old firmware. Please veriy the DIMM spare part number in the firmware matrix. Link below.

Also verify in the IML if there are any events recorded for fan / DIMM issues. 

I am a HPE Employee

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Re: Proliant DL380 Gen. 8 - Noisy Fans

The Fan Speed is constant. Fan 1-3 11%, Fan 4 34% and Fan 5-6 42%.

Power Off - On and Reset the ILO doenst affect anything.

I bought the computer from a second hand dealer (Gecco in Germany) and I am sure that the hardware is compatbile, but I will ask them too,.

Today I will install new BIOS.


Re: Proliant DL380 Gen. 8 - Noisy Fans

I just create a case ticket from hpe. hopefully they can help me to reduce the noise.