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Re: Proliant DL380 Network Teaming

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Lee Croucher_1
Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL380 Network Teaming

Hi All,

I am trying to get a configuration going at the moment, as I have 2
servers in which I can play with configuration and what I am looking
for is load balancing across the two server with a difference.

Each server has two network cards, on the first network card in each
server(Public) I would like this connection to be the main data
streaming connection across the two servers and on the other network
card (Private) I would like to give the a address to
carry only the heartbeat communcations for the network.

I would like the heartbeat on a different NIC in each server as the
heartbeat communications are flooding our network with pointless

I have already teamed up the network cards in Server1 and Server2 with
Team1 and Team2 but cannot find any way with the HP Network Team
Manager of combiming these teams, so to make Main_Team whereas in
comparison when using the Microsoft Load Balancing you would have a
primary "Cluster IP" address and the the individual network adapters
from each server could sit behind this IP address and you could add
many adapters.

In essence the question I am asking is using the HP Network Manager how
do you:

*Send the Heartbeat between a private IP on one of the network cards in
each server
*Get two teams (Team1 and Team2) to work together as one main team

I tried the VLAN option but this is disabled when you setup teaming on
the network adapters.

Please can someone help me, as this is very confusing

Lee Croucher
Akos Hegedus
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Re: Proliant DL380 Network Teaming

Hi Lee,

HP Teaming has meaning only inside a server, you cannot team nics in different servers.
The Heartbeat configuration you can make in cluster manager, where you can specify which nic is public and private. But if you configure teaming there will be only one network card visible to OS.
You may have to add an extra nic for heartbeat communication, and the other two in team (for redundancy) to the clients.

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Re: Proliant DL380 Network Teaming

On each server, you could do the following:

- create a team of two NICS.
- make the team any team type you want.
(TLB for outbound load balancing, SLB for full load balancing, etc.)
- create two VLANs on the team (VLAN 1 and VLAN 2)
- configure the switch ports that the teamed ports are connected to with both VLANs also.
- use one VLAN for heartbeat communication and the other VLAN for your regular traffic/data.

This setup provides redundancy and load balancing for both VLANs using the same two cards. As long as at least one of the NICs is up and running, both VLANs will work. Also, since you have isolated your heartbeat traffic to a separate VLAN, only the servers configured to operate on that VLAN will see it.