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Proliant DL380 Wont Display

Nate Faulds
Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL380 Wont Display

I recently bought a Proliant DL380 on ebay and it was working just fine, until i loaded a CD into the tray and started loading the windows setup disc.


After a while the screen started displaying random symbols, letters etc. I had to shut down the server manually and now when i go to start the server up everything is good(LED's, hard drives) but when i go to the directly connected monitour it doesnt display POST or anything.


If someone could help me please let me know(i would check iLO but i dont know the login since i cannot edit the settings without display)


Re: Proliant DL380 Wont Display



What is the Generation of the server?


To isolate this issue first Try to boot the server with minimum configuration.

For minimum configuration uninstall the following components, if installed:

  • All additional DIMMs - Leave only the minimum required to boot the server—either one DIMM or a pair of DIMMs. For more information, see the memory guidelines in the server user guide.
  • All additional cooling fans, if applicable -  For the minimum fan configuration, see the server user guide & Quickspec document.
  • All additional power supplies, if applicable (leave one installed)
  • All hard drives
  • All optical drives (DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and so forth)
  • All optional mezzanine cards
  • All expansion boards


Also, try the Guided troubleshooting for No POST issues at   (Select Server > HP ProLiant DL Servers › HP ProLiant DL380 Server series ›  and select the server generation)


If the issue persists, let us know the Insight display LED status or the system board LED status based on server generation.



Murali Mohan V

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Re: Proliant DL380 Wont Display

Also, iLO  is configured with a default user name, password, and DNS name. Default user information is located on the iLO  Network Settings tag attached to the server containing the iLO management processor. Use these values to access iLO remotely from a network client using a standard Web browser.

The default values are:

    User name - Administrator
    Password - A random, eight-character, alphanumeric string mentioned on the tag
    DNS Name - ILOXXXXXXXXXXXX, where the Xs represent the serial number of the server

Also, "Security Override switch allows emergency access to the administrator with physical control over the server system board. Setting the iLO 2 Security Override switch allows login access, with all privileges, without a user ID and password. "


Refer the following document for more informaion:




Please update the status.



Murali Mohan V

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