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Proliant DL380G6 network card problem


Proliant DL380G6 network card problem

Hi Everybody!
I have Proliant DL380G6 Server with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 EERU SP2. It has 4 network cards. Also theres is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 EE SP3.
I installed all drivers that were suggested by SmartStart 8.30 and new drivers that were published (for the network) on the official site.

Problem1: I still have two unrecognised network cards (other 2 installed).
Problem2: Sometimes all clients lost connection with that server (while working through installed cards). After reboot network connections work again til next lost.
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Re: Proliant DL380G6 network card problem


Sounds like you are using the wrong driver for the cards. Don't know if HP like the usualy do have put in two diffrent types of dual nics in DL380 G6.

I would recommend you to install the Proliant Support Pack 8.30 found here:

That will ensure you get the right drivers for your card.

I Would also recommend that you install latest firmwares on the server. Using the Firmware maintenance CD 8.70 found here:

It is problably already updated but to verify that you have the latest firmware.
rick jones
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Re: Proliant DL380G6 network card problem

What are the four network cards you have added to the system?
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Syed Zulfeqar Ahmed
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Re: Proliant DL380G6 network card problem

I do have the Almost Same Problem,My Lan Cards are not taking IP's and if i put static ip then its not pinging.

I checked the loop back ip its working fine But Cant ping to the network,

Please anyone can help me out