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Proliant DL380p Gen8 4x1TB drives unallocated space

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Proliant DL380p Gen8 4x1TB drives unallocated space

I am having a problem setting up a new server we just recieved. 

We have 4 1TB drives, 1 Logical disk with Raid 5 setup.

After raiding we have roughly 2.7TB that show in HP ACU

We want to install Windows server 2008R2 on 100GB and have the rest as a data parition, which is where the problem comes in.


We set the disk to a GPT during windows setup from a command line. Windows setup sees the entire partition as 2.7TB however when creating a new partition for 100GB it splits out the paritions to:




If I install on the 100GB parition the 746.44Gb is not allocated because somehow windows setup keeps marking all paritions as MBR.


Once setup is complet, in Disk management the unallocated space of 1947.90GB is the only one that can be used. The 746.44Gb cannot be allocated and i have no options when right clicking.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


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Re: Proliant DL380p Gen8 4x1TB drives unallocated space



You cannot boot from GPT formatted volume unless your server has an EFI BIOS and so far i know, the proliant servers does not support EFI.






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ernst limbrunner
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Re: Proliant DL380p Gen8 4x1TB drives unallocated space



if you can do a new configuration just set up 2 logical drives.


1) create an array of 4 drives.

2) create a logical drive of the wanted size (just do not allocate the whole space when creating the array)

3) create a second logical drive.


install the os on drive 1 and after installation windows should be able to use

the 2nd logical drive as aGPT partition of any size.


you can also setup the first logical drive for raid 1+0 and the second one for raid 5.


so the os will be better protected (with 4 drives and after a single drive failure you have

a 66% chance that a second drive failure will NOT kill your OS).



best regards