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Proliant DL380p SAS Controller Dead?

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Proliant DL380p SAS Controller Dead?

We've got a Proliant DL380p Gen8 server that is having a bit of a problem...

When it tries to boot up, it will often display a red screen with the text "NMI Detected. Please consult the Integrated Management Log for more details".  After repeated power-cycles, it will eventually make past the post, but no hard drives are detected.

Looking in the logs, there is a line saying "Uncorrectable PCI Express Error (Embedded device, Bus 0, Device 2, Function 2, Error status 0x00000020)".

Smart Storage Administrator shows "No controllers detected".

Looking in the system BIOS, it shows an embedded unknown PCI device, but no SAS or RAID controller.

What's the prognosis?  I'm guessing the SAS controller has given up the ghost.  Is it possible to replace just this component, or would a new motherboard be required?  Any assistance or suggestions are welcome.


Re: Proliant DL380p SAS Controller Dead?


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AS per shared snaps as well as a shared problem description suspected issue with the SA controller.

The System board needs to be replaced because the embedded controller is not detected. 

Configuration Information - Factory Integrated Models
c04123238 – DA – 14212 Worldwide — Version 72 — September 28, 2015 Page 23
NOTE: Customers must add a minimum of a 512MB controller cache module when
choosing this CTO server.
NOTE: If a P822 controller is required, it cannot be populated in slot 3.
NOTE: If a P430 controller is required, it cannot be populated in slots 3 or 4

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