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Proliant DL560 Processor Add

Jason Williams_8

Proliant DL560 Processor Add

I currently have a DL560 with 2 Xeon 2.0 processors. I would like to add an additional 2 processors. What will I need to order? Is there additional controllers that I will need?


Re: Proliant DL560 Processor Add

Go to the link below to find what the option part to order is (click on Options at the top). It should contain the processor and ppm (processor power module). Hope this helps.

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant DL560 Processor Add


But the processor has to be same take care it in mind
Following are the option part numbers.

Intel Xeon MP X3.0-4MB L3 Processor Option Kit 346990-B21
Intel Xeon MP X2.7-4MB L3 Processor Option Kit 346989-B21
Intel Xeon MP X2.2-4MB L3 Processor Option Kit 346988-B21
Xeon MP X1500-1M L3 Processor Option Kit 270763-B21
Xeon MP X1900-1M L3 Processor Option Kit 270764-B21
Xeon MP X2000-2M L3 Processor Option Kit 270765-B21
Intel Xeon MP X2.80-2MB L3 Processor Option Kit 331004-B21
Intel Xeon MP X2.50-1MB L3 Processor Option
Kit 331003-B21

Prashant S.
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