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Re: Proliant DL580 G5, 3 long beeps, no video

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Proliant DL580 G5, 3 long beeps, no video

Hello guys,

I did a mistake :(

Everything was good and working well (The server) until i insert a Gigabyte Graphic card PCI in  Slot 4 - "PCI Express x8 non-hot-plug".

Now, every power up and restart turns with 3 beeps, no video and fans are at full power, stay at full power.

I read all the internet but no fix and not many users having my problem.

I olso find this

My questions are

1. What i did breake?

2. Can i fix it without investment?

3. What do i need to buy, if there is no solution to fix 

Remember that i tryed everything, removed RAM replace it removed Proccesors removed SPI .

Please guys help me if you know that is this about, and sorry for my bad english.

I can give Photos and more informations to help me.

Edited: Btw, al LED are green on smartarray




Re: Proliant DL580 G5, 3 long beeps, no video


Basically 3 long beeps and No video on DL 580 G5 means SPI board is faulty.

If in case you have a spare spi board swap and check for the reported issue.

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