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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Proliant DL580 G5

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Proliant DL580 G5

We're getting ECC errors on memory that's only a few months old. I've got two issues: first, I need to identify which DIMM this is (the system's *fully* populated!), and second, whether the DIMMs are in there in pairs, and so identify the other DIMM I need to remove. The message in /var/log/messages and dmesg are the same:

EDAC MC0: CE row 12, channel 1, label "": Corrected error (Branch=0, Channel 1),  DRAM-Bank=2 RD RAS=8218 CAS=500, CE Err=0x10000, Syndrome=0x6cad8e02(Correctable Patrol Data ECC))

I see the Bank=2, which from the map, *looks* as though it's the first memory riser on the left (looking from the front of the server, but not which of the ...4? on the riser.


Clues for the poor?



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Re: Proliant DL580 G5

Dear rothm,


The error message you receiving from the server is "EDAC MC0: CE row 12, channel 1, label "": Corrected error" . Corretable memory error's are soft errors and there is a fix available with the latest BIOS update.


Please find the below link to download the latest BIOS for the server (select the right operating system and download the BIOS)




If the issue persists, you can run HP Insight Diagnostics Online Report. This report will show which memory is causing the issue.

HP Insight Diagnostics Online Report: 


You can download and install the package from the below web link:




*****NOTE: Ensure that the Prerequisites are installed.




Open SMH (HYPERLINK "https://localhost:2381) > Click on "Webapps" Tab > HP Insight Diagnostics > Change the Categories drop down to "All" > Change the View Level to "Advanced" > Generate the report > This report will give the complete informtion


More information you can find it from the below Guide for "Memory Troubleshooting Best Practices for HP ProLiant Servers"





Renji V


I am an HP employee.

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Re: Proliant DL580 G5

Thanks for the info about the BIOS update - I just took the box down, swapped memory around, but couldn't provoke the error.


There's only one small problem: this machine, being a real server, is running a real operating system - Linux. We do not *HAVE* *any* M$ o/s for it. Can I run the exe under wine?



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Re: Proliant DL580 G5

Now it's uglier: do I need to first flash the BIOS using the one from 2010, before I do the one from July of 2011?