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Proliant DL585 G1 will not power up node

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Proliant DL585 G1 will not power up node

My Proliant DL585 G1 will not power up.
All diagnostic LEDs are dark, as if the system is fine.
The internal health LED is red.
The external health LED is fine.
The Power light is amber.
Both Power Supply lights blink in Standby Mode.
I have tried re-seating all components.
This server has 4 AMD Opteron Processors.
I have tried various combinations of 2 processors in case their is a processor problem. No combination has any effect.
When the power button is pushed, the internal health light goes out, but the system makes no attempt to power up. The fans are not running.
All fan LEDs are dark. The server is completely dead.
I have just replaced the System Board, but the problem is still the same. The server will not power up.
I called HP Telephone Support, and they cannot determine the problem.
I checked the AC Line voltage and it is fine.
The "Port 85" LEDs are blinking "80", "C0" (quickly), and then "40". HP Support did not know this sequence.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate your help with this problem.
I would sure like to get this server working again.
Jim West
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Re: Proliant DL585 G1 will not power up node

Did you ever find the problem?