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Proliant DL585

Occasional Contributor

Proliant DL585

Has anyone had any issues with the following configuration?

Proliant DL585:

PCI-X slot 1 NC7170 Dual port NIC (PCI -X)
PCI0X slot 2 Emulex Light Pulse 10000 HBA (PCI-X)

When both cards are present system locks on boot, no video or HD activity. If I remove the NIC server boots fine, if I remove the HBA server boots fine. When both cards are present, system hangs on boot.

Trying BIOS upgrades now, but this is unusual considering both cards are in sepeate bus.
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant DL585


Looks there is some IRQ setting clash, you can try and change the interrupt for any one of the card and try.


Nicolas Florange
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant DL585

We have a DL585 with one NC7170 and two HBAs FC2214 and the last BIOS version (A01 09/30/2004). If a PCI card is installed, the system hangs after POTS during a cold boot. It works fine after a simple restart. I have to set the maintenance switch 6 to OFF in order to reset the BIOS to its default configuration to reboot successfully the server.
Robert Romanczuk
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant DL585

We've seen this on two DL585's as well as a few DL380 G3's in the past. Not sure if it's the exact same model, but definately Emulex HBA's, and they were the only card installed in the machine at the time. Each of the 5 times I remember having seen it, we would replace the HBA and the system would boot. On one or two we tried to put the original HBA back in and the symptom would return. Not sure how far the guys got with researching IRQ conflicts or anything of the like though, I think they chaulked it up to bad card each time.