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Proliant DL740 G1 over heats and reboots

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Proliant DL740 G1 over heats and reboots

I would like to get advise for a Proliant DL740 G1 that has been rebooting due to a zone 30 (CPU) overheating problem. When the server senses a higher than threshold temperature, the server reboots. This happens every few days. I looked inside and all seem OK. No errors in insight manager. The cabinet has blanking panels and plenty of cold air supply in front. Temperature directly infront of the server is 70 deree F using a thermal sensor logger. There is another server exactly the same right below that is working fine. Server has the latest firmware. If the zone 30 sensor is faulty, do I replace the system board or the CPU's.

Thank you.
Bruno Mesquita_1
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Re: Proliant DL740 G1 over heats and reboots

If the Firmware is the latest the PSP should be the latest too. If not, do the update.

The environment temperature for the DL740 G1 is 10° to 35° C* (50° to 95° F). Your measure seems to be in the scope.

In my opinion you should try to replace the heatsink and then if doesn't work the Processor Board. I never saw a faulty processor.

It seems that the heatsink is in the processor pack. Get the server PID number and check this link for spare-parts.

The System interconnect LEDs changed color from green to other ?
Check this link/file for help.

If not it may indicate an faulty sensor and yes you should change the processor board first.