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Proliant DL760G2 Intermodule Bus Errors

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Proliant DL760G2 Intermodule Bus Errors


I'm having persistent problems with a DL760G2 server presenting Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error Code 196) messages.

- Event viewer -
The system encountered a Non-maskable Interrupt(NMI) prior to this boot.
The NMI Source was: Intermodule bus error,Error code 0xC4.

Source : cpqasm
Event ID : 4223

- Insight Management Log viewer -
Unrecoverable Intermodule bus error(error code 196)

class : Host Bus

The system spec is as follows:

* 8 Xeon 2000 MHz
* 2x 32.4 GB disks on SMART 5i (RAID 1) for W2K.
* SMART Array 5i Plus array controller
* 2x NC6770 teamed for fault tolerance.
* 2x LP9802 Host Bus adapter(connected EMC Storage)
* SoftPaq 6.4
* Latest Bios
* OS: Windows 2000 Adv Server SP4

What does this Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error mean anyway? I can't find much reference to it.

TIA for any help!
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Proliant DL760G2 Intermodule Bus Errors


Try following options.
1) Update the BIOS - System ROM for same server then check it.
2) Update the support pack for same server, In case of any problem do revert back.

Prashant S.
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