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Proliant DL980 & IO Accelerator PERFORMANCE issues

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Proliant DL980 & IO Accelerator PERFORMANCE issues



After moving the Database and the application onto the I/O accelerators LUN, I couldn't get the desired performance. I am surprised it is still the same performance as it was in the external EVA storage.


For your information, I used LVM to allocate the space from the pool of 4 io accelerators. This to help me manage the io accelerators space efficiently. Are there any best practices template around ? Should I have used each io accelerator for each partition instead ?


Also after fixing the IO Accelerators, the telnet / ssh /VNC and other connections to the OS interface flickers or hangs at time and make access slow.


Please help !


Please Advice


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Re: Proliant DL980 & IO Accelerator PERFORMANCE issues



Sounds wierd that it wouldn't be better preformance than an EVA. According to this guide for linux on how to use the IO Accelerator it demands a lot of free ram depending on what blocksize you are using. there is a table describing how much free memory you need on page 8.


Also a bestpractise for linux on a dl980 g7


There is also a good guide in the following pdf on Cardplacements on page 4-6