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Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

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Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

Compatibility matrix reads they (SA P600 and DL 380 G3 ) are not compatible. Why ?
They both meet PCI-X 133 standard.
Tarek Kawach
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Re: Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

DL380 G3 - uses 5i controller onboard with scsi backplane supporting u320 u3 SCSI drives only.

- P600 - Supports SAS (serial attached scsi drives) and SATA drives.
Mix-and-match SAS and SATA hard drives

- Basically you can go forward in technology and cannot go back.

- P600 - NEW technology and hardware and it will not be supported on older Servers even if the pci configurations are supported.

- just like you cannot use 5th generations controllers like SA5300 on new DL380G4 G5 servers.
Compatibility table

- you don't have SAS scsi backplane on the DL380G3 - .

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Re: Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

Hi Alexey,

I was going through the compatibility matrix for P600 with all the DL, ML and BL servers (also attached) and found that SAS controllers are not supported with the servers running on the ServerWorks Grand Champion LE(also known as CMIC-LE/north-bridge) chipsets.

Probably, this chipset is designed not to support SAS controller.

Not sure the reason!!!!!

Have to find more info.....

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Re: Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

Thanks to everybody.

Chipset support certain controllers?
Chipset support PCI-X spec. 64 bit 133MHz , 3.3v but it might not support 66Mhz (so SA5xx are incompatible with G4)
Mixing SAS and SCSI controllers, why not?
SCSI for internal disks SAS for external.
I guess the BIOS may have problems.
Unfortunately I don't have spare P600 to check if it will work on G3 with external storage.
continue to dig more info in hp site ...
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Re: Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

Hi I was wondering if anyone has actually tried installing the SA P600 and seen if it worked or not.....I know HP says it doesn't work and its incompatible, but just curious if this might work since the card will fit and meets PCI-X 133 standard. We have a need to add some more storage to our DL380 G3 (we already have a MSA 30 hooked up with 2 TB), but we just bought a MSA 60 hoping to install the P600 controller on our G3 server, but I am skeptical if it will even work or not.
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Re: Proliant Dl380 G3 + SA P600

I just called into support and they said it may work but the bus speed(533 mhz) and memory of the G3 is much slower than that of a G5 and also a G4, hence they said that we would probably experience a lot of timeouts between the SA P600 card and the System Board. This probably would create a lot of slowness for the users and possibly other problems. HP support also said that although they don't support it, that they can attempt to help us if we experience issues by pointing us to firmware and driver updates for the G3, the SA P600, and the MSA60, and possibly some RAID config tweaks. I'm not sure i want to try to install this card on the G3, because this server is mission critical and don't want to experience problems later on that come back to haunt me.....Wish me luck :)